Railway Station (Vasútállomás)

Poetry and prose written by Attila József Stand-up presenter Péter Lóránt Tóth winner of Radnóti and Latinovits Awards.

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Downloadable Poster

The railway station. Nobody’s land.

Outside: tracks running into the distance, rails that never join,
Inside: the final wish of a soul, longing incessantly:
“If only I could just grab a ticket and travel to my inner self!…”

The helpless wait of a former foster child who missed the last train: voiced inner monologues for those who would listen and join the fray.

A novel representation of Attila József – a broad canvass about love, faith, inner peace and intransigence.


Friday, February 10, Toronto, Paraméter Klub
• Vasútállomás; József Attila pódium est

Saturday February 11, Ottawa, Ottawai Magyar Ház
• Vasútállomás – József Attila pódium est

Sunday, February 12, Montréal, Első Magyar Református Egyház
• A rendhagyó irodalomóra az iskolában
• Vasútállomás – József Attila pódium est

Tuesday, February 14, Hamiltoni Magyar Iskola
• Rendhagyó irodalomóra az iskolában

Wednesday, February 15, Cambridge, Kossuth Ház
• Rendhagyó irodalomóra a Guelphi Magyar Iskola és a Kitcheneri Magyar Iskola részére

Friday, February 17, Windsor, Mindszenty Hall
• Vasútállomás – József Attila pódium est

Saturday, February 18, Windsor, Magyar Iskola
• Rendhagyó irodalomóra

HU címer The Canadian tour is organized by the NAHC.
Toronto – Ottawa – Montréal – Hamilton – Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo – Windsor