Conditions for Membership

Any Hungarian organization in Canada can become a member of NAHC that have at least 10 members, agree to the policies of NAHC and pay the membership fee. For the NAHC policies, please, refer to the by-laws section.

Membership Fee

New members are approved by the Board of Directors. In 2013, the membership fee was $1 per member of the member organization. For example, for a member organization with 63 members, the membership fee was $63. At annual general meetings, a member organization can vote only if they paid their membership fee, and the number of their votes depends on the number of the members of their organization. This is outlined in the Rules and Regulations section.

The members of the Board of Directors are individual members, also. Their membership fee is $50 per year, and exemption are the Honorary Board Members.

If you or your organization want to join NAHC, please contact the Secretary of NAHC by e-mail at