Individual Membership

The 3rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of NAHC held in the fall of 2014, introduced a new membership class, i.e., the Individual Supporting Member. This allows, in addtion to organizations, individuals to become members of the NAHC, encourages them to participate in the work of the boards, make suggestions about future activities of NAHC, attend the AGMs, and receive first hand information about our actions through our email alerts and newsletters.

The Individual Supporting Membership is free, however, Individual Supporting Members cannot vote at general meetings.

Conditions of becoming an Individual Supporting Member are as follows.

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age
  2. Compliance with the policies of NAHC

By submitting the application below, you confirm that you fulfill these conditions and are eligible to become and Individual Supporting Member. Your personal data will be handled confidentially. Your membership will become active after the approval of the Board of Directors.